Cool Halloween Costumes

Cool Halloween Costumes – After talking about some creative Halloween ideas, as well as some funny and last minute ones, it is now time to talk about some cool halloween costume ideas. So just what makes a Halloween costume cool? When I am talking about cool here, I am not talking about something which has been in the fridge for a while and hence it is cool. To borrow the meaning from a dictionary, the word cool refers to “an admired aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style” and is often used as an “expression of admiration or approval”. I guess the term cool is more closely associated with teenagers, the girls and the boys as well as for kids. Of course I would not rule out getting a cool halloween costume for the adults either for the men or women!

I am not sure what were the cool Halloween costumes in 2009 or 2010 and surely I am unable to predict what is to come for 2011. I can only think that with the release of some new movies, the trend will shift towards Halloween costumes being created to resemble characters from these movies. Anyways here are some cool Halloween costumes ideas that I would like to share with everyone!

While I have talked about creative Halloween costumes in my previous article, cool halloween costumes is seriously another genre. First up, how about some cool Halloween costumes for guys? Well let us look at this DC Comics Boys Trio Action Set Dress Up Trunk. What so cool about this Halloween costume set is that it gives you three cool Halloween costumes for the price of one at less than $25! Kinda unbelievable don’t you think? This Halloween costume set includes costumes of three superheroes, you get the Batman costume with the Batman Tabard (a short coat) with attached cape and headpiece, the Superman costume as the Superman Tabard with attached cape and boot tops as well as the Robin costume with the Robin Tabard with attached cape, eyemask and gauntlets.

DC Comics Boys Trio Action Set Dress Up TrunkCool Halloween Costumes

While you might argue that they are not providing a full costume and only a tabard and some accessories for each superhero, I think this is great value for money considering that you can save some money just by getting something simple which everyone can guess who you are. While this is very suitable for young kids aged three to ten, adults can join in the fun too by wearing the tabard and accessories. Good thing is your kids can interchange between the different costumes when they want to. The reviews for this has been very good so far with the majority giving it five and four stars. How is that for really cool Halloween costumes for kids?

Next up, I have also found some cool Halloween costumes for teens. Are you a Transformers fan? Because if you are, prepared to be blown away by one of the super cool Halloween costumes, the Transformers Bumblebee Role Play Helmet! Well ok it is not quite a Halloween costume, but seriously it can become one if you put in more effort. First you may want to get the Bumblebee plasma canon and the Bumblebee deluxe gloves which would give you more meat to your skeleton body. Of course you can always choose not to buy these separate attachments but they would make your disguise (get it robots in disguise?) more complete. And I would recommend either wearing a set of yellow shirt and pants, or get a yellow box and wear it over your body to simulate as bumblebees body. Now that is simple a cool Halloween costume idea and a great way to learning how to make a cool Halloween costume. This may even qualify as a last minute Halloween costume! Of course you can always just get the Bumblebee costume!

Transformers Bumblebee Role Play HelmetCool Halloween Costumes

Transformers Robot Weapons Bumblebee Plasma CannonCool Halloween Costumes

Disguise Costume Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen #19236 Bumblebee Deluxe Gloves (Child)Cool Halloween Costumes

Bumblebee Deluxe - Size: Child S(4-6)Cool Halloween Costumes

Another nice find, perhaps as a cool halloween costume ideas for tweens, is the V For Vendetta Mask. V For Vendetta is a ten-issue graphic novel series set in a dystopian future United Kingdom. It has also been adapted into a movie. The main plot is about a shadowy freedom fighter known only as "V" who wears this Guy Fawkes mask and uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. He also rescues a girl from the secret police and finds in her a very good ally. There has been many good comments about this cool mask. The mask is thin and light and hence good to wear with secure straps to fasten it to the face. It looks exactly like the mask in the movie, shape size and all. You can even wear your glasses under the mask because there is plenty of room for them. If you are a V For Vendetta fan, it is highly recommended that you get this item. And it only costs $5.99!!!

V for Vendetta MaskCool Halloween Costumes

If you like Star Wars, I think you can get some really cool pet Halloween costumes. Just take a look at these dog costumes and you would seriously be wowed over. Almost any Star Wars character can turn into a dog now, so may the force be with your pets too! These are the coolest pet Halloween costumes I have seen so far, and I think they can be used on other pets too other than dogs! Choose from Darth Vader, Yoda or Princess Leia.Cool Halloween Costumes Aren't they adorable!

Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume, MediumCool Halloween Costumes

Cool Halloween CostumesStar Wars Medium Darth Vader Pet CostumeCool Halloween Costumes

Star Wars Princess Leia Pet Costume, MediumCool Halloween Costumes

Well that is about all the really cool halloween costume ideas that I can write about for now. I believe there is plenty more where that came from. Hopefully I can introduce some cool halloween costumes for couples and tweens too. But do note that the word cool is open to interpretation, while one Halloween costume can be really cool to someone, another might find it offensive or downright ugly or disgusting. So do take note of this and hope you enjoy the pictures of cool halloween costumes on my Funny Halloween Costume Ideas blog. Keep it easy and real!

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas - Cool Halloween Costumes

Creative Halloween Costumes

Creative Halloween Costumes – I have been talking about so many Halloween costumes and now is the time to look at those which I deem to be creative. There are really plenty of creative halloween costumes that I have seen in 2010 and 2009 and I have no idea what new ideas people will have for 2011. I can only say that being creative allows you to stand out from the crowd. I had quite a hard time finding some Halloween costumes which were really creative. The most creative are actually those original ones which are manmade or homemade and created by you. Of course that can be some work and most people choose to buy Halloween costumes available online, instead of making their own. While there are already some creative Halloween costumes which can be purchased online, I am not sure how long these costumes have been around, and the thing most people are afraid of is if the idea is now stale.

Nevertheless I do hope to introduce some creative halloween costumes for adults including women, men, couples as well as teens and kids, teenage girls, boys, toddlers and babies and other groups such as college students or pregnant women. Let me start with creative halloween costumes for guys shall we? I guess you find the most creative costumes on the men because they just are not particular with their dressing and do not care about being ridiculed either. What they want to create is an atmosphere of fun and get people and maybe girls to laugh at their funny and creative Halloween costumes. So let us look at what guys can wear these days.

Well I am a fan of sesame street and who else to better imitate than Oscar the grouch! Yep everybody loves Oscar and maybe everybody loves thrash too. Oscar the grouch is the grouchiest being on earth and he will humbug everyone for Halloween. Not for those people who love a party but perhaps Oscar the grouch is for those people who want to be alone this Halloween. If you are thinking how the trash can can fit into the mail, I got a feeling that it is not a real trash can but something that can be put on like a skirt so that it looks like a trash can. There is also another costume which is a bit adult rated but very creative. Just look at the snake charmer costume that has a snake coming out from the pants! You will either get a lot of attention or all the girls will scream and avoid you!

Retro Oscar Grouch Medium 38-40 CostumeCreative Halloween Costumes

Snake CharmerCreative Halloween Costumes

What about some other creative Halloween costumes ideas for the ladies? Check out the bun in the oven Halloween costume. Well maybe that is a good way to give other people a hint that you are pregnant, or it can just be a joke to tell people that you are getting fat. Of course this is also one of my picks for being quite a funny Halloween costume idea. There are also some other t-shirts showing off buns in the oven, just that these buns are not those buns for eating but part of the body! You might also want to check out the wet t-shirt Halloween costume which is also pretty creative!

Bun In The Oven CostumeCreative Halloween Costumes

Wet T-shirt Winner Adult Standard Size CostumeCreative Halloween Costumes

So what other cheap, easy and creative Halloween costumes are there? Perhaps I should talk about the kids costumes now. Did you watch Monsters vs. Aliens? That was one of the 3d animation flicks released by Dreamworks and I am sure plenty of kids loved that movie. The show is about how a meteorite from outer space crashed into earth and made a young girl by the name of Susan grow into a big giant. She was then taken into government custody together with a group of so called monsters, who all had their unique powers. There was B.O.B. who is like the blob and indestructible, Dr. Cockroach who has a Ph.D and is a brilliant mad scientist, The Missing Link who is an expert martial-artist as well as Insectosaurus which later becomes a giant butterfly that can fly. Why I say this Susan Halloween costume is creative because they provide cars as shoes, and in the movie, I do remember Susan skating with speed on cars, using them as skates. You can also get the Dr Cockroach costume, BOB costume or the Missing Link costume. I have to warn you though that the BOB costume does not really look like the same person in the movie.
Monsters Vs. Aliens Child's Deluxe Susan (50? Woman) Costume, Child MediumCreative Halloween Costumes

Dreamworks Monsters Vs. Aliens Child's Deluxe Dr. Cockroach Costume, Child SmallCreative Halloween Costumes

Monsters Vs. Aliens Child's Bob Costume, Child MediumCreative Halloween Costumes

Creative Halloween CostumesMonsters Vs. Aliens Child's Missing Link Costume, Child SmallCreative Halloween Costumes

In yet another Halloween costume from a movie, not sure if you have heard of Wall-E. Wall-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class and is the name of the robot with the same name as the movie. This movie is brought to you by Pixar and is about how Wall-E was sent to Earth to clean it up and falls in love with another robot known as Eve. At this time, Earth was doomed due to all the waste which she was covered in and humans were in spaceships waiting to colonise Earth again. Wall-E saves the day when he gets the Earthlings back to Earth when they could have been stuck in space forever. Want to be a Wall-E? Check out the Wall-E Halloween costume.  

Wall-E - Size: Up to size 6Creative Halloween Costumes

There are no best creative Halloween costumes, only cute ones and those which are really simple and can actually be put on or even manufactured quick. If you ask me which are the most creative Halloween costumes, it would be those which nobody has ever thought of before and which you came up with and decided to create it in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps very soon duplicates will start appearing and the costume shops will start selling them too. 

I hope you enjoyed this article as well as the pictures of these very creative halloween costumes. Rest assured that I will be bringing you more funny Halloween costumes. Do also remember not to get your Halloween costumes last minute or else you will regret it later!

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas - Creative Halloween Costumes