Funny Halloween Costumes

Funny Halloween Costumes – Hello there again folks! For today’s post I am going to focus on more Halloween costumes again but today’s theme is funny! Yes funny, hilarious, amusing, comical or simply entertaining Halloween costumes are what many people would like and enjoy! Not only do you want your friends to be laughing and having a good time this Halloween, you would want to buy a Halloween costume that will make you stand out in some funnyness! So let us move on to some funny Halloween costume ideas and I will also try to show you some costumes which were good for 2009 or 2010 and what may be popular for 2011.

First of all I would like to say that there are plenty of funny Halloween costumes around, so you can not only find funny Halloween costumes for couples or groups, but for women, men, kids and babies too or even adults, tweens or teens like young girls, boys or pregnant women too. If you have pets or animals at home, you can get some funny Halloween costumes for dogs too! There is simply something for everyone. I aim to provide some info on some easy, cheap, creative or even homemade funny Halloween costumes which can be created at the last minute.

So guys, what will be my first recommendation? For the mens, why not try out the adult banana Halloween costume? Now that is sure to create some laughter and do be careful that there are no monkeys around because you sure would not want a hole in that banana. Maybe some simple funny Halloween costumes can amuse you. Check out this mens adult one night stand costume which would sure make girls think a bit before they chat you up! Want to find some quick yet really funny Halloween costumes? Check out the inflatable sumo wrestler costume!

Banana Costume - Adult (1-Size)Funny Halloween Costumes

Fun World Costumes Men's Mens Adult One Night Stand, Brown, One SizeFunny Halloween Costumes

Inflatable Sumo Costume with Battery Operated FanFunny Halloween Costumes

Now there are just so many Halloween costumes out there but it is so difficult to pick out the best funny Halloween costumes. But rest assured that you will be able to buy or order these Halloween costumes online no matter where you are, be it in the America USA or even in the UK, you can get your hands on these cool Halloween costumes. Even if it is too late to order any, you can always diy which means do it yourself and create a costume which is easy to make. I do have plans to write more articles that will offer a step by step guide on how to create your own Halloween costume but I guess it would be better to start with the simple procedure of buying your own first. Well you can even dismantle and examine carefully the costume which you have bought so as to learn how to create your own costume!

Now let us carry on shall we and look at some womens funny Halloween costumes. As with the above Halloween costumes I have included pictures of them here on my Funny Halloween Costume Ideas blog so you can have a look and have a good laugh. For the ladies, Halloween costumes are much more complicated as they are several groups, such as for the mainstream adults, the plus size funny Halloween costumes or the sexy costumes, which you really should not be wearing if you intend to go trick or treat, or else you may end up as the treat. As my blog is a family friendly website, I will omit the more revealing costumes here, but when you click on my links, feel free to explore the other costumes.

So what are some of the crazy, cute, original and very funny Halloween costumes that I recommend for the ladies? Check out the tinkerbelly costume, a mean play on the tinkerbell fairy. I guess girls will actually think twice before they wear this because if you are still single you probably do not want to wear this for fear that no guys are going to approach you after they see you in this! Well alright maybe you girls are freaked out by that costume so the next one I will try to compensate you a little with a nice number. Check out this sexy monopoly costume. Ever played monopoly, the boardgame where you go around buying property and paying or earning rent? With a short skirt and the money, guys would definitely be turning their heads to look at you! What about a Marge Simpsons costume? You do know America’s most famous family do you? Marge is the homemaker who is in charge of keeping the house in order and she is famous for her blue and really high beehive hairdo. Now with this Marge Simpson costume, all you need is a Homer beside you!

Tinkerbelly costumeFunny Halloween Costumes

Sexy Monopoly Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume (Small (4-6))

Disguise Costumes Women's Marge Deluxe,Multi,L (12-14)Funny Halloween Costumes

Those are really some clever and good funny Halloween costumes, don’t you think? There is plenty more where that came from. You can even get funny Halloween costumes for three people or for two people or even for bigger groups. A good funny Halloween costumes group theme would be the horror theme where everyone would be dressed up in horror such as Frankenstein or maybe just zombies. For the smaller groups, especially if you are a couple, you can check out the couple Halloween costume sets such as Adam and Eve or Popeye and Olive.

Adam & Eve Costume - Adult Costume SetFunny Halloween Costumes

Funny Halloween CostumesFun World Costumes Men's Mens Popete Costume, Blue, One SizeFunny Halloween CostumesPopeye Olive Oyl Oil Adult Halloween Costume + Wig Womens US Small/Medium (sz 2-8)

Funny Halloween Costumes

Last but not least let us now check out some funny Halloween costumes for toddlers and kids. These children or toddler funny Halloween costumes are the outcome of some of the best ideas out there if you ask me. Parents would simply love to see their children all dressed up for Halloween! I am sure great parents will let their kids or babies have fun during Halloween and be dressed up for it till the day they go to college. Why not look at the Mr Potato Head costume for kids as well as the baby and toddler shark costume? Now all of us should know Mr Potato Head from the Toy Story series of movies. He likes to talk a lot and is really funny. He has all these detachable body parts as well that can be plucked off and re-assembled back into different places or interchanged with other Potato Head family of toys. As for the shark, I guess everybody knows a shark when they see one!

Mr Potato Head Deluxe Child Costume, Toddler (3T-4T)Funny Halloween Costumes

Deluxe Baby and Toddler Shark Costume - 6-12 MonthsFunny Halloween Costumes

I have nicely introduced ten funny Halloween costumes above. I won’t say that they are my top 10 funny Halloween costumes, but I have tried to provide a range of cool interesting funny Halloween costumes from the males to the females as well as for the couples, kids and toddlers. It is just impossible to provide a full list of funny halloween costumes but you are always welcome to give me any funny halloween costumes idea that crosses your mind. I do appreciate if you will buy funny halloween costumes off my site here. These are all quality Halloween costumes that can be purchased online. Do also check out my other article on Halloween costume ideas.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas – Funny Halloween Costumes