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Last Minute Halloween Costumes - So today’s topic is about last minute Halloween costumes and again I am talking about creating some easy last minute Halloween costumes for adults, women, men, teens, kids like boys and girls and maybe couples too if I have time, which I most likely wont haha! In my previous article I have already talked about some funny Halloween costumes and actually you can sort of look at them and figure out some ideas for some last minute Halloween party fun. So what makes good last minute halloween costumes? These Halloween costumes should be cheap and quick to make, assuming that you do not have time to order them online and they can only be made homemade through the use of your own hands – DIY or do it yourself.

Anyways in this article I will try to highlight some simple concepts to create your very own last minute Halloween costume using simple everyday materials and things which you can find lying around the house. This way you can not only do it fast but also you can cut down on costs. I will showcase some of these Halloween costumes which you can buy online in case you have given up creating your own costume. That said let us start shall we?

I guess many of you would have heard of Harry Potter. There are also many Harry Potter costumes around that you can purchase online, I will highlight one of these links later. Now the good part about Harry Potter is that it is a simple get up which you can recreate at home. Most wizards have a cloak or a robe and that can simple be created using a rug or quilt or just a piece of cloth. If you are keen to create your own Harry Potter robe, you can even put one together using some black fabric to create a Gryffindor robe. You just need the usual sewing equipment like a sewing kit together with some scissors and measuring tape. You may also want to add a Gryffindor patch perhaps through an iron on or sewn on. Of course this is entirely optional but since you are looking for a last minute Halloween costume, my advice is to forget about it. There is also the Gryffindor Scarf and the Gryffindor Tie but in the interest of time you might just want to use brownish coloured tie or scarf to do the trick. Even without these accessories, I am sure my last minute harry potter costume will still make you look like harry potter and perhaps it can become one of your best funny Halloween costumes too!

Why is that so? Well, Harry Potter’s costume cannot be completed without his signature glasses and wand. These items can be easily accomplished. Just find any old glasses lying around at home and remove the lens. As for the wand, look for some brown stick or wrap some cardboard together and then paint it brown and you have your very own Harry Potter wand. One last thing is the hair. You can either leave it or style it in the way that Harry Potter looks like. If that seems like a lot of trouble, I hope you do not get involved into this last minute and just buy this costume online. Check it out here. You can even get the gryffindor patch online too! If you like Ron Weasley or Hermione, you can do the same tricks too or simply buy their costumes off my Halloween costume ideas blog. Just lose the glasses for Ron and style your hair the way that Hermione does to imitate her!

Harry Potter Gryffindor House ScarfLast Minute Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Halloween CostumesHarry Potter Illuminating Wand

Harry's Glasses WireLast Minute Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter Gryffindor Embroidered Chest Logo PatchLast Minute Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Halloween CostumesHarry Potter Costume KitLast Minute Halloween Costumes

Well doing some last minute Halloween costumes for Harry Potter is pretty fun, but I do have more tricks up my sleeve. Want something that is cute, clever and creative? Guys will absolutely love this one because it is none other than Indiana Jones! To complete the last minute Indiana Jones Halloween costume, you would first need to get a hat, something similar to the fedora, but not exactly like the cowboy hat. This should be brown in colour. Then you would also need a jacket in a dark colour, maybe black or dark brown or matched with the hat. One last thing, a whip! Well this is a bit difficult but I guess you can find some skipping rope or just plain rope and fashion it into a whip. If you want something additional, you can get a brown sling bag too. Once again all these accessories can be bought online so to save you the trouble if you are not doing this last minute, just buy them online!

Indiana Jones Deluxe Child HatLast Minute Halloween Costumes

Indiana Jones 6' Leather Whip Costume Accessory

Last Minute Halloween CostumesIndiana Jones SatchelLast Minute Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Halloween CostumesIndiana Jones Child's Deluxe Indiana Jones Costume, MediumLast Minute Halloween Costumes

I hope you liked two of my best last minute Halloween costumes – the Harry Potter Halloween costume and the Indiana Jones Halloween costume. These are simple yet great ideas for last minute halloween costumes. Here at my funny Halloween costume ideas blog, I will continue to bring you more funny and fantastic ideas for your next Halloween so stay tuned! 

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